I do

I specialize as a DevOp, I don’t only write code but also implement and maintain it. By not just writing code my views on solutions is wider than most. I’m able to (at least) have an idea on what kind of hardware or platform the software is running on and thus taking into acount how this can affect the software.

The main programming languages I focus on are Python, PHP and to a lesser extent Javascript. For years I’ve focussed on PHP because of the eCommerce platform Magento. I’ve started at the bottom, building relatively small and simple webshops and grew into a bigger role at a larger organization being responsible and being part of an international development team building software for an international telecom provider.

Lately my focus has shifted to Python. Python always had a special place in my heart because of the beauty and flexibility of the language. When I got a job which allowed me to combine Python with science, a focus on machine learning – specifically natural language processing, I jumped right on it. The frontend is built on the Vue.js javascript framework whereas the backend is fully built as an API service based on Python. Sadly I cannot go into more detail due to an NDA.