I always start by asking too many questions. Why? Because I want to form an idea or basic instinct of what you do. What might seem like a random question is actually not. It all has to do with improvement and preventing bolting doors shut which need to become grand openings later on.

For me it is important that everyone has their own role within a team. Everyone should know what they’re responsible for and because of this awareness we get things done. Your job should be what you’re good at. People don’t specialize in things they don’t care about. So by making someone responsible for a task which they are specialized in, they will deliver better results and improve themselves.

A lot of people try to prevail an image of knowledge, especially in IT. For what ever reason everyone thinks they know best, to those people I would like to say; why hire me? I will ask you how you do your job and ask question about it but I will not tell you how to do it. I want to learn how you do it because if I understand what you do and how you do it, I can look for ways to automate repetitive boring stuff.

As the saying goes all roads lead to Rome, there are many ways of accomplishing goals, let me show you the possibilities and discuss the best course of action. Through years of experience I’ve seen a lot of information systems come and go which allows me to present you with a lot of ways to get things done.

Coding is my passion, I want to do my job right or not at all. In short this sums up to a lot of swearing, moodiness and, eventually big relief and happiness when I finish my code.