I always start by asking too many questions. Why? Because I want to form an idea or basic instinct of what you do. What might seem like a random question is actually not. It all has to do with improvement and preventing bolting doors shut which need to become grand openings later on. ” Do your job and I’ll do mine “ For me it is important that everyone has their own role within a team. [Read More]

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I do

I specialize as a DevOp, I don’t only write code but also implement and maintain it. By not just writing code my views on solutions is wider than most. I’m able to (at least) have an idea on what kind of hardware or platform the software is running on and thus taking into acount how this can affect the software. The main programming languages I focus on are Python, PHP and to a lesser extent Javascript. [Read More]


About me

Ever since I was a little kid it was clear I would end up in IT, I followed in the footsteps of my dad as a system admin and grew to become a programmer. The only thing still missing is the USB port in the back of my neck. ” An Auti with a passion for programming “ My autism may scare off potential clients/employers at first but I believe it makes me better in my job. [Read More]