FAT32 over 2TB - USB vs SATA

A number of years ago I started setting up a DIY NAS, before that I simply had a stack of external hard drives. At the time I switched a lot between Linux and Windows, the NTFS support wasn’t great and since life is too short to remove devices safely I usually just unplugged them causing Linux to refuse to mount since “the partition was still active”. So FAT32 it was…

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Twelve-Factors in practice - Part IV - Backing services

Treat backing services as attached resources

The forth of a 12 part series on how to use Twelve-Factor App in practice. This entry is, again, written in collaboration with my good friend and (twice/double) former coworker Mycha de Vrees.

We will be implementing https://12factor.net/backing-services based on my/our combined experience on how to deal with resources/services although is is going to be a short one.

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